Ganga Government Museum

The soul of Rajasthan lies in its history. The rich and magnificent history of Rajasthan is what gives its present an attractive structure to a great extent.Situated in Bikaner district of Royal Rajasthan,the Ganga Government museum is another addition to the museums which bring history to forefront. It showcases a number of artefacts, medieval musical instruments and anything and everything used by the then kings.
The antique furniture collection of Ganga museum is worth to witness. The museum was founded by Maharaja Ganga Singh. Later, Maharaja Karni Singh relocated the museum to a new place where it stands today. The museum treasures rich historical evidences that clearly symbolize the lavish and extravagant lifestyle of Indian kings.

The Ganga Government Museum exhibits a variety of items. Its exhibits ranges from terracotta objects to medieval musical instruments. The museums also showcase a number of oil paintings and a wide variety of royal furniture. The exhibits of the museum also include utensils of royal house hold, royal hunting trophies and royal clothes. A visit to the museum will truly let you get a lot of idea about the grandeur and splendor of royal era of Rajasthan.