Nahargarh Biological Park

Finally, the wait of 3 years of whole Jaipur got over when a natural environment that was inaugurated for the animals of Zoo. The bigger and better living condition was introduced on 4th June 2016 “Nahargarh Biological Park”, also called “Nahargarh Zoologial Park”. A place to hang out as well to admire the wild animals in their comfort zone itself. The park was inaugurated by chief minister Vasundhara Raje along with Mayor Nirmal Nahata and head officers from the forest department and RSRDC. Chief minister took a keen interest in walking over all the 21 locations which were built at an enormous cost of Rs. 19 crores.

As per her last time visit to Jaipur, there were several questions and comments about the environment provided to the wild animals at the Ram Niwas Bagh Zoo. So, to resolve all such issues, the Zoo was decided to shift to Nahargarh Biological Park.
Vasundhara Raje herself guided to the authorities to make pathway more adaptable and nature-friendly. The timing which is determined for the visit is 8:30 from the morning till 5:30 in the evening for all the days of the week except on Tuesdays because the park would be closed on in concern to take the cleanliness and animal care tasks.

Apart from this, JDA also announced to allocate Rs. 3 crores for the lion and tiger safari, for which the department has started planning from now onwards. The deadline to reach this plan is estimated to be March 2017. But, nothing has been officially announced regarding the care of safari tour and as per officials, it is yet to be decided.

In the case of animals, the department is also planning to bring more reptiles to the Zoo along with bears to complete the pair in the park. It is quite happening for the now that wild animals are provided with such a big space. And, there is an expectation to make the compounds more natural and habitat friendly for the wildlife over the time from the department side.